Saturday, August 28, 2010

Painting on the tipi

We have a Native American tipi in our pasture. This is the sixth tipi I've owned over the years -- each one painted differently -- each one unique.
Two others have had a llama painted on them.
And today the third became reality.
Becky is a college student at Carthage in Wisconsin.
She is remarkably talented in so many areas -- art, music, fiber arts, the list is long. Awhile back she agreed to paint a portrait of our favorite llama on the tipi -- Amanda.
She goes back to school on Wednesday. But she came over this morning -- and began by drawing Amanda's image on the canvas of the tipi. Then it was all about filling in with the paint.
She even captured two of Amanda's endearing qualities -- the tipped right ear -- and the neat little heart above her right eye. So cool.
Ben and I caught Amanda and brought her over to pose with her image -- and she cooperated, as usual.
Earlier this year Amanda won an award from the International Lama Registry for her "community involvement" and "public relations" work. She is one rare llama.
And thank you to Becky for "immortalizing" Amanda on canvas.

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