Monday, August 9, 2010

Old dogs CAN learn new tricks

Okay -- so I've owned llamas and alpacas for over 25 years. Okay -- so each year I get about 100 bags of fleece. Okay -- I've never made a single thing out of the fiber until January -- when Amanda introduced me to the "Knifty Knitter" hat loom

Okay -- so I've taken Tammy Duensing's spinning class 5 times. And still couldn't spin -- until today.

A small voice told me that I should "go for it." I bought some luscious white roving from Deanna Dobbs last week.

Today -- I sat down at my Ashford Traveller wheel and guess what people? I SPUN THE ROVING INTO YARN!

I had to call Amanda to remind me how to ply the yarn. I can't stand it. I can SPIN!

Here are the pix of the process: The "white cloud" is a pile of roving -- combed alpaca fiber.

That's my spinning wheel -- with the bobbin hanging crazy.

So after plying the yarn I wound it on the wooden dealie I bought at the MOPACA Show.

Then we have the finished yarn -- and the proud, red-faced spinner.

Would you just LOOK at the shimmer on that skein of yarn?

Oh -- and none of this could have been accomplished without the power drink pictured.
If I can learn to spin -- anyone can learn to spin. Next blog will surely have something that I made from my first skein of yarn. Wow. Just wow.
This old dog just learned a new trick.


  1. This skein of yarn is brought to you by Yoohoo. The delicious chocolatey drink that has been powering fiber spinners since 2010.

  2. Well -- it's been powering at least THREE spinners - you, me and Tammy!

  3. Mom, that is awesome! Good job, can't wait to see it in person. Too bad I didn't get a chance to see it yesterday, I was so tired I couldn't even talk!