Friday, March 26, 2010

Show fun

Went to the MOPACA Invitational Alpaca Show in Kansas City, MO last weekend. I thought St. Louis weather was bad. Sheesh. It was 65 degrees on Friday when we arrived. A crazy blizzard snowstorm and down to 19 degrees on Saturday. By Sunday -- 50 degrees. What? What?
Besides the weather, the show rocked.
Deb Wellinghof was there (all the way from North Dakota) with her sister, Pat. She took notes of the winners -- and like many of us -- tried to determine who would BE the winner of each class. It's impossible.
Helen Edwards showed four of her animals and went home with two ribbons. Not bad at all.
Denise and Gary brought Cherokee Nation -- but the brushing during the year to take him to events pulled down the crimp in his fiber. He's an awesome guy -- just didn't place this year.
I took Lumina, Buddy, Mason and Eloquent Lady. Mason and Eloquent are white. BIG mistake on my part. It's extremely difficult to beat the 'big boys' in the industry in the white category. Neither placed.
I consider Lumina the best female on my farm. That was confirmed by the judge when she took second.
Then there's Buddy -- or Snowmass Bronze Dream -- as his paperwork proclaims. He is 90 months old -- around 8 years -- and was surely the oldest alpaca at the show. Judge was astonished by his age. Gary Draper showed him for me and did an excellent job. When the dust settled -- Buddy took second place. I was PROUD!
He's a consistently wonderful animal with awesome fleece -- dense and crimpy. I consider him the best on my farm. And that was confirmed by the judge.
The networking and schmoozing with other alpaca owners was tops. All in all -- a great weekend.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hats, hats and more hats

Okay. The addiction is complete. 'manda told me about the Knifty Knitter hat loom at JoAnn's Fabrics. I USED to knit -- about 32 years ago -- but it's been a VERY long time.

So off to JoAnn's I go -- and now I'm working on hat number eleven! I LOVE it. All of the hats I've made are 100% alpaca yarn -- except for the two newest that are lovely Easter colors -- and acrylic.
Our four youngest grandkids are sporting their hats in the photos. Brianna and Isabella are in the springtime hats. Drew is wearing "Magnolia" -- our alpaca. And Jack Dean has Jet Ravenwing and Maggie O'Brien (a black and a white alpaca from our farm).
Thank you to Amanda for spinning the Jet fiber; to Aubrey from the Chicago Art Institute for spinning Maggie O'Brien; to Laura Adams for spinning Magnolia.
Wow. Now I've purchased a scarf/blanket loom. So if you see me at a restaurant, doctor's office, sitting in the truck -- and I'm intently knitting -- you'll know that I'm having waaaaay too much fun! Aren't the hats cool?