Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lounging in the pool

We've had a week now of 100-degree temps -- with heat indices to the moon. Yikes.
I let my big boy herd into the front yard several times this week. There's lots of shade and it is wide open -- with a small kiddie pool under the tree.
Apparently the size of the pool didn't deter Breeze from plopping down over the running hose. He got up several times, but didn't give up his spot to anyone else for most of the afternoon. How funny.
Guardian preferred to lounge under the weeping willow tree, with easy access to grass AND tree leaves. That was the spot he scoped out on a hot day.
And the hat? My first creation -- 100% alpaca yarn -- and I spun the white fiber into yarn myself. Wow. Who knew? Isn't that the coolest looking hat?
Hard to think about wearing something that's "five times warmer than wool" when it's over 100 degrees. But winter will come. Yes it will. The time for toasty hats will arrive. I'm ready.

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