Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dominic's "music in the park" - 28 years later

Dominic is my baby boy. I was 33 when he was born. On his first birthday I went to the emergency room with a lingering cough, some weight loss -- symptoms of big trouble.

Oh yeah. It WAS big trouble. I was diagnosed with cancer -- and was told in the ER that I had six months to live.

Our kids were 10, 8, 7, 5, 3 and one-year-old Dominic. I remember the overwhelming sadness realizing that I wouldn't get to see him grow up.

After three full days of wallowing in self pity -- I decided that the doctors didn't really know me at all -- and that "nahhhhhhh" I wasn't going to die.

Lots of chemotherapy and radiation treatments -- and eons of throwing up my socks and losing my wonderful, waist-length hair -- later -- I went into remission.

I treasured all of Dominic's milestones -- first day of kindergarten; when he played Khoury League baseball; when he asked for a guitar for 8th grade graduation (and had expressed zero interest in playing music prior to that); when he won the Jazz Music Award at his high school graduation; when he wrote the song "Six-O-eight" -- the anthem to the time he was born: 6:08. He grew up here, on the farm. His famous "farm quote?" "You can't come to the farm without getting dirty." Personally, I think that dirt is good for a kid.

And then he decided to move to Nashville, TN to pursue his dream of a music career. Gosh.

Last night he came back to the area to play a summer "music in the park" event at Tri-Township Park in Troy. It was boiling hot -- boiling. In fact, Dominic announced that it was the "hottest gig he has played" up 'til now.

Check out my baby boy's music:
Especially check out the song he wrote for Jack and I: "Built to Last." And if you have connections with agents/folks in the music industry/radio play -- contact Dominic!

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