Thursday, September 2, 2010

Broken hearted

If you want your heart broken -- the llama/alpaca business is a good business to get into.

This really long and difficult summer has brought much sadness to our herd. Several of my animals succumbed to the heat. Our wonderful, fabulous, glorious Bolivian guardian llama, Little Moon, was one of them. She died in front of the big fan in the barn.

Moon came to me over 10 years ago -- as a rescue. Her front legs were so very crooked -- we heard from rickets after she was imported from South America. She couldn't run -- but her amazing grey/black color -- deep, wise eyes and huge face got you right away. She ambled along -- but yet she worked for awhile as a guardian for sheep -- in tandem with a llama that could run.

Moon would alarm and warn the herd -- and her buddy did the chasing of predators. She was cherished as a guardian. And when she came home she was welcomed back into the herd. We had missed her!

She was never for sale. She was much too wonderful to sell.

Now Little Moon can run over the Rainbow Bridge -- and she will not be forgotten. A piece of my heart went with her. Goodbye, Moon!


  1. Oh no. Im so sorry. I know your heart must be broken right now. Llamas so easily make their way into our hearts, dont they??

    Thinking of you.

  2. Hi. I found your blog by following llama links. I am so sorry you lost Little Moon. I've only had my Charlie for about a month now, but already I am so attached. Moon was a beauty. I know how much you'll miss her.