Monday, September 20, 2010

Three days -- three alpaca babies

Saturday is the day it all began. Eileen had all the signs. She was lying in the pasture with her legs to the side. She was up -- and then she was down. Then she was up again. She kushed in front of the fans -- and then went out to the pasture -- and kushed again.
When I got back from Alpaca Farm Days in Coulterville -- there was a baby -- and Eileen was the mama. He is medium fawn in color -- and I named him Whitman -- after Walt Whitman -- and "Leaves of Grass" -- one of my favorite poems from high school.
Then it was Sunday. I drove out to the pasture on a golf car -- and noticed something was different. Sure enough -- Paulie had a new baby -- a little brown boy -- that I named Hadley -- after a dear friend from high school -- who left us too soon.
And then this morning I went out to the pasture before it was time to head to the office.
A beautiful, little girl this time -- Glimmer is her name. Reba is her mama.
These babies are so very exquisite -- and all three are already running in the pasture. Such a gift - it is to own them.

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