Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm a winner!

Okay -- so yesterday we had our 22nd annual "Stupid of the Year" party at the farm. For 22 years now Jack's family has been handing out an annual award for the family member who did the "stupidest" thing during the previous 12 months. Seems that I won yesterday! My accomplishment? I drove the tractor through the gate -- it started to roll forward once I jumped off -- and in order to stop it I stood in front of it! Made sense at the time, if I remember correctly. haha I did hear the theme from "Superman" playing in my head whenever I stood in front of the tractor.
So for the next year the "stupid plaque" will hang in our home in a place of (dis)honor. Bummer.
Lots of family and friends joined us for the kickin' party. We had our homegrown deejay, Jack Aaron and his butter churnin' baby, Jack Dean; Yida and Sandy from China (SLU students) were here; llama and alpaca friends Gary, Denise, Rob and Toni; matriarchs Aunt Pat and my mama, Virginia; sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles and especially grandkids -- what a day.
The photos show just SOME of the fun. Kids riding on the "train" behind the lawn mower; folks relaxing; karioke -- it was all good. And then there's that telling photo of me in the mushroom hat -- and Suzy and Tim as runners up. Sigh -- hopefully I won't be so stupid next year.

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