Monday, September 6, 2010

The hawk and the statue

We had a hawk in the barn this week. It flew back and forth -- keeping all the other birds away. I believe in signs and symbols. I believe that the hawk was watching over me -- and view it as a blessing.
A reporter and photographer from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch were at the farm this week. They did a story on me -- an update really -- of something that happened over 25 years ago. I entered a contest when the St. Louis Centre opened in downtown St. Louis and won. Got to fly to Nantucket Island and a bronze statue was caste in my image. Pretty cool, right?
Well - I outlasted the St. Louis Centre -- and the statue is now in Chesterfield at the St. Louis County Library.
When Doug, the reporter, was here -- he and Laurie, the photographer saw the hawk gliding effortlessly back and forth across the barn. We commented on it and talked about the "blessing aspect" briefly.
Guess what? When Doug went to see the statue in Chesterfield, MO -- the maintenance guy told him that there had been an "event" earlier -- seems that a HAWK was seen flying/maybe circling my statue there. Hmmm? Coincidence? I think not.
At any rate -- the photos are of grandkids. Drew spent a few days at the farm and helped with hay bales, putting up the totem pole in front of our tipi, and pedalling the trike with his cousin, Brianna, in the back.
It's been a good week. Here's the link to the Post article:
A statue returns to life
FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS • The chance at immortality came to Julie Wier when she was grappling with death.

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