Saturday, September 25, 2010

Strange Folk Festival fun

The Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois encampment at the Strange Folk Festival was a rousing success.

We had a pottery tent, a soap/weaving tent, a spinning demo tent, a leatherworks tent; a woodworking tent; an alpaca tent -- we were quite the presence at the O'Fallon City Park today.
The photos tell only part of the story -- Eunice showing off her "Indie inspired" dress -- completed with bare feet; Tom helping Ben make a bracelet for his mom (me); Patty looking stylish in her scarf - with felting in full force; Chad's hands during a pottery demonstration; and the posed photo of Dr. Freeman and wife -- one of the St. Louis University trauma surgeons -- who saved my husband's life five years ago, when Jack was impaled by a tree in our back pasture.
The weather was fabulous -- nearly perfect for a fall day. Tomorrow is another day -- with the high expected at 58 -- so it will be quite different, temperature wise.
Each year the Strange Folk Festival is a chance to show off animals, hand-made items and art with wonderful music added to the mix.

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