Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boo at the STL Zoo

Yesterday was my first trip to the famous "Boo at the Zoo." That's where thousands and thousands of people head to the St. Louis Zoo (the country's #1 Zoo, BTW -- AND admission is FREE) and bring their kids/grandkids dressed in Halloween costumes. Corporate sponsors give out candy, but the lines were long -- when there was so much else to do!

One of my best investments has been a family membership to the Zoo Association. That gets me free parking, tickets for attractions like the Children's Zoo, Zoo Railroad, Carousel, etc. So worth it.

Our group started out at Chris's Pancakes in STL -- for a breakfast of champions -- toast, bacon, eggs, pancakes and French toast. Yum.

Then it was off to the zoo -- parking on "the moon" as the lots were packed.

We headed straight to stroller rental and got a double stroller for Jack Dean and whichever kids floated in and out - and trekked to the Children's Zoo. There I ran into Jan -- one of my favorite keepers of my alpaca boys at the zoo. (I sold two alpacas to the zoo last year and it's been awesome for them and for me, too!)

Seems that Doc Freeman remembers me -- and that is always a bonus. He comes right up -- and even nuzzled my face. This is NOT good behavior on the farm -- but at the zoo -- where he is handled every day -- loved and cherished by all who meet him -- it seems to work.

Then it was time to play on the slide, the small farmyard, the goat enclosure -- all the fun stuff at the Children's Zoo.

Then off to ride the train -- and time for a sleepy ride home. The zoo has really outdone itself -- with decorations everywhere -- fall festival themed pumpkins and such. Sooooo much fun. I highly recommend a visit to the Children's Zoo at the STL Zoo. And don't forget to say "hi" to the alpacas!

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  1. Very, cute. I love reading your blog, it is very good. Sorry to hear the llamas got out yesterday.