Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spinning class October 2010

The third spinning class for 2010 was yesterday at the farm. What a day!
Tammy Duensing is the amazing teacher -- and she is patient, knowledgeable and funny. We had a room filled with new spinners -- a husband/wife team, Debbie and Rich; a teenager, Hannah; and Sally -- whose quest to learn spinning was curtailed by a broken foot and a family medical crisis.
The cool thing is that the spinners got to try out different wheels: Ashford traditional; Ashford Travellor; Ashford kiwi; Louet production wheels -- both single and double treadle. Wow. I hope the students realize what a great opportunity they experienced.
And the food was great, too. Strawberry/blueberry salad -- with fresh blueberries from Michigan; meatballs, sauce and mixed veggies; yummy jalapeno jam on cream cheese; BBQ sandwiches, ham and cheese sandwiches; veggies & dip and apple cobbler.
Thank you to Tammy for sharing the gift of spinning with us all. Thank you to the students -- and ALL of them were spinning yarn when they left the building. See you in intermediate spinning?

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