Saturday, October 23, 2010

Today was the Native American Pit Firing workshop at the farm. It was sponsored by the Artisan Guild of Southern IL. The weather was windy and warm -- not at all like a typical fall day at the end of October.
But the company was great - and the pottery went into the pit with high expectations.
The photos give a brief overview of the event. The wild and free spirit of the fire - as it kisses the pots with color. The protecting of the sage bundle, as Medo lights it for the Navajo blessing. Participants and Bonnie Brave, teacher and potter, with the pit loaded with sawdust, wood, paper and other chemicals to give color. Krista and her coil pot -- before it is placed in the pit.
The pit firing is such a spiritual experience. And such a fellowship experience as well. We shared bread and soup -- and it was absolutely delicious! So many varieties and even an apple pie for desert. This group can cook, my friends!
Tomorrow the pots will be unearthed. We will see what has become of the pots. Some will be totally black -- in the style of Maria Martinez. Some will be a variety of colors. Some will not make it out of the pit without a ding here -- or a crack there. But the randomness of the pit firing is what draws the potter to the earth and fire.
Stay tuned for the results photos tomorrow.

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