Monday, October 11, 2010

Once in a llama lifetime

I have quite a few alpaca babies born on the farm. They are cute, fast and very marketable.

I am super stingy when it comes to breeding for llama babies. The selling price for these glorious animals is very low -- and not at all in line with their beauty, grace and intelligence. As a result -- I don't breed my llamas unless I intend to keep the crias.

I bought a llama last year and she gifted me with the most awesome cria I've ever had born on my farm. A "once in a llama lifetime" baby girl.

She is grey and white -- shimmering in the sunlight. She runs and twirls and plays -- and will be a show stopper in the ring. Such amazing beauty.

For now she is Tiana Grey -- although she may already be sold to a wonderful place that will appreciate her and show her off to the community -- and change her name. She is a suri llama -- with fiber to die for.

She was a week old yesterday.

Today -- Andantino is a week old. His mama is Elody -- a basic white girl with great mothering skills and an even temperament. Seeing this little white alpaca boy dance in the moonlight is something to see. He is very handsome and is likely to be a show boy -- if he stays on our farm.

Two babies, so very different -- yet both will be awesome in the show ring. Wait and see!

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