Sunday, October 31, 2010

End of the day, Boo at the Zoo

I forgot to talk about the costumes! Bree was Captain Hook. Her costume was classic -- with the fabulous hat, complete with feather, and boots and "the hook." Drew was Scooby Doo -- and he surely had fun leaping and running around. Jack Dean was Kermit the Frog -- and spent the entire day with the hat on -- never pulling or tugging at it once. Bella was the "hunny pot" from Winnie the Poo. Her costume was hot -- and she's a hotbox -- so it only lasted for a brief time -- and then she was free to just be a kid. And little Avary was Supergirl -- with her pink costume and cape. How cute was that?
I took a photo of the train, and the engineer even waved at me as he rolled by.
And then there's the classic picture of Drew -- out like a light in his carseat on the way home. Ahhhhh -- the zoo can wear you out!

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