Monday, October 25, 2010

Chinese tea ceremony

From outdoor fun to the ancient art of the Chinese Tea Ceremony -- all in one afternoon. Sandy (wearing yellow) is a newfound friend. A freshman student at St. Louis University, majoring in psychology. Her goal is to invent a robot for children to enjoy as a toy. She came to the farm for the pit firing, and brought her roommate, Jei (Jay). Jei is majoring in business. She will be heading to Vancouver to college next year.
They visited with the llamas and alpacas, feeding carrots and taking pictures. They couldn't resist a flashback to "kindergarten" as they hopped onto the teeter-totter and laughed and bounced.
Then it was off to my sister's home, as she has many tea bowls and tea pots. Sandy and Jei brought some authentic Chinese teas -- and quietly and elegantly demonstrated the Chinese tea ceremony.
It was a blessing to be able to experience such a beautiful culture. Thank you to both young women for their grace and charm.
And the tea was very, very good!

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