Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend filled with fun

Wow. Some kind of weekend so far -- and it's early on Sunday!

On Friday Jack and I headed to Clinton Manor -- a living center in New Baden. Our 30-year-old daughter lives there -- due to a bout with 43 seizures when she was 19. They treat her like family there and we are grateful for the excellent care she receives. Photo of the hands are Coreen and I -- she, who I often say is the whitest white girl in town -- and me -- brown and freckled from the sun.

Then it was home to load up 8 animals to deliver them to Dorsey, IL to the Greens -- to their new home. Wow. They moved to paradise those critters. Three llama girls and 5 alpacas went to live at Monday Morning Farm and Fiber. That's the photo of Keri waiting to trek up the "lama trail" to the barn. Awesome. Congrats to the Greens on their new adventure. And you made some fabulous "picks" from my herd, too!

Saturday morning was the spinning class at the farm. Tammy Duensing, master spinner, was kind enough to give us some of her time -- and teach novices how to spin. It was great. Of course, Keri -- new llamas/alpaca owner -- spun like a champ! I need more practice, apparently (lol).

Right after the class Jack had arranged a farm visit for a dear friend, Michelle and her niece, Grace -- who came all the way from Colorado to visit Aunt Michelle. They fed carrots to the critters and had a great time (even though the heat index was stifling) visiting with the animals in the pasture.

THEN -- it was off to pick up Ben and head to Centralia -- to our youngest son, Dominic's, band gig at Foster's Bar and Grill. He and his peeps (Vince, Phil and the drummer) rocked the joint with mostly original music. So talented, he is. He just needs that BIG BREAK in Nashville, where he lives. So -- if you have those connections -- please contact Dom Wier @

And now today is Father's Day. The kids/grandkids will be over this afternoon for BBQ and swimming. What a great weekend.

Just wondering how much longer a 60-plus-year-old farm gal can keep up this pace? Aww -- who am I kidding -- 20 more years at least!

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