Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rainbow on the ranch

Storms were rumbling through St. Louis this early evening. Lots of rain, lightning and thunder, not to mention the wind.
Briefly -- in between the first wave -- and the next to come -- I went out to check on the llamas and alpacas.
There it was. Such a beautiful rainbow -- and, of course, it "landed" on the barn. THAT'S what's at the end of the rainbow -- the multi-colors of my llamas and 'pacas. I KNEW it.
Behind me, in the western sky, was the sunset -- all yellow and glorious -- and stormy.
And then, of course, I snapped a photo of Sophie -- the alpaca girl I've been "stalking" all day -- waiting, so impatiently for her new baby to arrive.
She's HUGE -- with all sorts of movement -- knees, legs, whatever scrambling around inside her. She's miserable, too.
It was crazy hot today -- on the day of the largest Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure in STL. Over 70,000 people walked or ran. My friend, Denise, even dyed the topknot of her white alpaca girl pink -- and put the pink ribbon on her, too -- and took her to the race. Denise's sister is a survivor of breast cancer.
We had a surprise visit from an old friend, Jay. He has been dealt some trouble in his life -- but starts each day with a "If I were any better -- it would be illegal" sort of attitude. Such a good man.
Yesterday Bill and his boys, Blake and Carson, stopped in randomly because they "just had to see what those animals are." I gave them the abbreviated tour and they were grateful and excited. It made me happy to share my passion for these darlings with others.
Wow. What another wonderful weekend at the farm. Can you just imagine what tomorrow will bring?


  1. Oh, how I feel Sophie's pain. Maybe we should take bets on which one of us will "pop" first. My money's on her.

  2. I'm thinkin' you're right. She can't possibly go much longer. She was huge at shearing in May -- and is actually due on June 15 -- this week. So -- we'll see. lol