Friday, June 11, 2010

Candi had her baby!

"Night Magic" was born on Tuesday. I was busy cleaning the barn with the Bobcat when Rebecca and Jayden (my helpers) came running into the barn excitedly.

"Candi had a baby! Candi had a baby!"

I shut off the Bobcat and headed out to the pasture where the baby was already up and walking.
He is solid black and is missing that trademark "headband" that she stamps on all of her babies.
Her cria from 08 is living happily at the St. Louis Zoo -- at the Emerson Children's Zoo. His name is Doc Freeman and he is a stunner. I've added his photo, too.
Candi is a Canadian female alpaca who has breathtaking babies. They are strong and healthy, and she is an excellent mama.
This is definitely the time of the year when babies are arriving. I have several more on the way -- and the excitement is new with each birth.
Stay tuned!
Be sure to check out the Zoo's site -- search under Emerson Children's Zoo for the video about my two alpaca boys -- Doc Freeman and Doc Andrus:
And the new little guy is named after my son's Deejay company, Night Magic Entertainment.

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