Sunday, June 6, 2010

Saturday fun at the farm

I hope my grandkids realize how lucky they are.

They get to come to the farm and experience so many wonderful things.

Yesterday I saw 6 of my 7 grandkids. We went to breakfast at the Waffle House, rode out on the golf car to the pasture, fed carrots to the llamas and alpacas, and even broke out the "train" for a quick ride in the front yard.

The "train" came from a garage sale. A man made each barrel for his own grandkids to take for a ride

We've taken the train into parades and had a grand old time.

The kids like to just ride and wave.

At top, Katey is helping Isabella "drive" the golf car; our son, Joe, is driving Amy, Drew and Jack around in the yard.

Jack is waving as Amy makes sure he doesn't fall out of the train.

And Drew is busy feeding carrots to Orenda.

Brianna is surrounded by hungry alpacas and llamas.
Making memories, folks, making memories.

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