Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Bring a friend to work" day

Becca and Julie were at the farm today.

Becca has been volunteering at the farm for 3 years now.

Today she brought her friend, Julie, along. Julie has experience working with horses, but this was her first "hands on" with llamas and alpacas.

We dewormed some animals today -- fed hay and grain -- caught and haltered some animals.

Clementine and Punxsutawney, both young llama girls, got some halter training from Becca and Julie.

Clementine was very difficult to capture -- even closed up in the barn. We had several "near misses" -- where she squeaked by us.

We got her in a corner and when I went to snag her -- she bolted and knocked me into the barn door. I was unhappy about that. Especially since I broke my toe this week.

The odd thing about Clementine: once she was caught -- she walked great on lead. As though she had been doing it her whole life.

Llamas are puzzling sometimes.

And then there was Punxsutawney. I plan to take her to the IL State Fair in August -- so it's imperative that she walk on lead. She'll definitely need more practice.

I'm thankful for the extra hands that come to the farm in the summer.

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