Friday, June 25, 2010

Fiber for the Gulf

Llama and alpaca fiber is amazing stuff. It keeps the animal warm in winter. It can be washed, carded, made into roving, spun into yarn, knitted or crocheted into hats, gloves, socks and many other things.
And now it may just help save our ocean from disaster. It has amazing properties for skimming oil off of the surface of the water.
If you don't believe me, just go to and click on the video.
There seems to be conflicting advice about the efficacy of the "booms" made from fleece, but I'm impressed with the visual of the oil clean up.
My summer helpers spent Tuesday working on gathering fiber for the Gulf oil spill.
There are Jayden and Rebecca wearing their Alpaca Fiber for the Gulf t-shirts; cheering after finishing their artwork on the mailing container; and Jayden is walking our "giraffe-like" girl, Pebbles.
Hopefully the oil spill will be contained sooner, rather than later. We are on day 67 now. Not good. Every little bit of fiber helps.

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