Friday, October 16, 2009

tipi poles and footprints

Met Misty and Glenn Thomas in Kansas City, MO yesterday. They are from the Santee and Crow Native American Tribes.
They went to Yellowstone and cut their own tipi poles and sold them on

I brought them home sticking out at least 10 feet from my llama trailer. Wow! And it rained the whole way.

BUT -- it'll all be worth it tomorrow when my tipi goes up!

Then Amanda came and "walked the walk" around the tipi. The footprints turned out great.

This weekend is our huge event -- so please come if you're in the neighborhood.

A donation to llama rescue is requested -- and bring snacks/water.

Pit firing at NOON -- with a blessing of the pots by my friend, Ramiro Pacheco, of Navajo heritage. It will be wonderful.

LOVIN' the pix of the yellow feet! Thanks 'manda (and for barn cleaning assistance, too.)

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