Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fencing is hard ranch work

Fifty t-posts went into the ground today. I'm going to be opening up our hay field for the winter to my animals. The hay is rich, green, luscious. It will build strong mamas and babies.

It's only the 150 posts and miles of fence to attach that stand between the girl herd and their munching.
Without the posts and fencing I could have animals prancing around St. Clair Square -- llamas on the loose!

I thought of the show "The Biggest Loser" today as I was pounding post after post into the ground, sweat dripping into my eyes. And I was thankful for the excellent health and strong arms that I am blessed to possess. Skinnier would be good -- but would I sacrifice the power and strength?

Shoulders might be creaking and squeaking tonight -- but not bad for a 60-year-0ld.
I'm grateful for the healthy lifestyle that has contributed to my wellness. And thankful to God for the opportunity to share my life with these beautiful animals.

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  1. Funny that you mention "The Biggest Loser"...

    Anytime I'm working outside and feel like I can't possibly go on, I think of those people who run a marathon after only a few months of regimented work-out's.