Thursday, October 29, 2009

New home for alpaca, farm visit

It was a great day in the animal world -- that despite the fact that it poured, sprinkled, rained, pitter pattered, monsooned, deluged -- it was wet today.

Took Rotanev, the alpaca, to Columbia to be a buddy to Roscoe, the alpaca. Charles and Shirley were excellent hosts and Charles is one amazing gentleman.

I've broken my old record of selling a llama to a person who was 84-years-old. I've now sold an alpaca to a person who is 92 years old -- and still going strong!

Roto will have a wonderful new home, protecting swans and waterfowl.

Then it was a visit to the Peach's farm to see their wonderful animals. Beautiful -- even in the rain. Warm and dry in their barn. They are great stewards of their herd.

A good day.

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