Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blessing the pit

Today's Native American Pit firing was awesome.
At top, Chad, Jessica and Freda examine the sage bundle.
At top right: Is that the spirit dancing into the trees following the lighting of the pit?

Bonnie Brave, potter, is shown loading the pit with wood.

Medo was kind enough to offer a blessing of the pots in both English and the Navajo language. It was like listening to music in the spoken word. Thank you to Medo for sharing this gift with all of us.

We had great, delicious, warm, beautiful soups to share following the lighting of the fire. Good bread, good food, good friends. A delightful combination.

Then it was time for the tipi to go up. Tom is so wonderful to have taken the lead in setting up the poles and attaching the tipi. Thank you, thank you.

Tomorrow we will remove the pots from the pit at 3:30 - followed by more soup and then a Native American Drum Circle. A memorable, wonderful weekend.

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