Sunday, October 11, 2009

FARMFEST '09 -- Next Weekend!

Pit FireThe weekend of October 17-18 will be a wonderful educational learning experience at Wier World Farm. We will kick off with the Native American Pit Firing by talented potter Bonnie Brave. She will offer the opportunity for potters to immerse themselves in the ancient Native art of the firepit. Bonnie has several years of "hands-on pit firing" experience. Also, we are offering a "blessing of the pots" before the fire is lit. Saturday, 12-4:30pm and Sunday, 3:30-5:30pm. Contact Bonnie for more info!

TipiRaising of the Native American Tipi
It's been over a year since we've had a tipi in our midst. It's ordered and the hand hewn poles are being prepared by Bruce Volpert. At 4:30pm we will gather in the pasture to "raise the tipi". If you've always wondered how it's done, please join us for an awesome event.

Native American Drum Circle
Sunday, following the unearthing of the pots (available for sale), we will host a Native American "Drum Circle". Bring your own drum (a limited number will be provided) to this "in-the-round" gathering. Join lea drummer Patrick Kennett as we follow the "heartbeat of Mother Earth" and celebrate.

There will be a donation box to go towards the rescue work at our farm ($5 suggested). Please bring your own snacks and bottled water.

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