Friday, July 16, 2010

A new family is born

Our newest future farmhand arrived at 4:03 a.m. today. Her name is Avary Julieanne Nuckolls and her proud parents are Amanda and Travis.

I've known Amanda since she was around 9 years old. She took a clown class that I was teaching at the community college.
The next semester she was in the class again.
And she signed up for the next class, too. That's when I knew she was serious about clowning (is that an oxymoron?).
We clowned together all the way up into her college years. Then I retired from clowning -- and she continued to do volunteer work and some "birthday party gigs" -- the hardest clowning of all.

We have remained friends over the years -- this odd duo of a 20-something and a 60-something. We have much in common -- a love of the outdoors, animals, farming, "going green," fiber activities (spinning), a love of reading and words -- and marketing. Not to mention the fun times we share with tractors, llamas, alpacas, Bobcats, clowning, good food and interesting people -- oh, so much.

Today she and Travis and Avary became a family. There were tears on my pillow when she called to tell me Avary's name (a guarded secret during the entire pregnancy).
She had to work hard during the pregnancy to tone down her active "Amanda-ness" and go into mommy mode. She just re-directed her energy -- developing new websites: , making MY website the rockin' -est llama and alpaca site EVER.
She took a spinning class and was a natural -- spinning like a champ. She bought some hat looms and is OUTTA control with making hats, scarves, purses. It's amazing.
But after all, SHE'S amazing. And today she began her career as a mom.
Look out world. There will be inventions, time saving devices, and good ideas that she will discover and share.
I visited the new family at the hospital this morning. And they let me snap the photo that graces this page. Just look at them. How exciting the future will be! Congratulations, and Avary, there's a farm world waiting for you.


  1. Julie,
    This is a beautiful posting.

    Now for the "I told you so" part. I told you who she would be named after, didn't I!

    I hope she also takes on your generous spirit!

    Nikki G'ma

  2. Her middle name is a "conglomeration" of your middle name, Lynne -- Mary's -- Ann -- and mine. Three powerful women! ha!