Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby alpacas and "the herd" and summer

Summer is tough on these camelids. They come from the world (Andes Mountain region) of 50 degrees to the scorching, humid St. Louis summer.

They don't like it. They DO like drinking from the sprinkler each day -- standing under it until they are soaking wet -- and venturing out into the pasture at dusk -- grazing in the slightly cooler evening.

My crop of babies this year are especially playful and darling. My Naomi, that black/white tuxedo girl is so regal looking. And Dorothy (multi) and Shima (med. fawn) are best buds.

They play in the pasture, bothering all of the adult llamas and alpacas with their silliness. It's a delight and a privilege to watch it happen -- something I never take for granted. I DO love owning these animals. Can't wait to see what they might do today.

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