Friday, July 16, 2010

". . . and they're cousins" (from the Patty Duke Show

Drew, age 4, and Brianna, age 3, came to the farm this week. The cousins got to experience the fun and high heat/humidty (106 heat index) at Grammy's farm.
Drew started out by picking tomatoes from Grammy's garden. I have one tomato plant and I am excited that my "llama poo" has fertilized such awesome tomatoes.
Brianna tried on one of Grammy's many hats -- made from alpaca fiber and acrylic.
She and Drew climbed trees (the mulberry tree is the "bestest" climbing tree!). She fed the chickens and looked closely at their feed.
Drew climbed on hay bales and found my first chicken egg -- but promptly threw it onto the ground. Grammy wasn't happy about that.
It is such fun to have the grandkids at the farm -- and they get to be outside, take an honest bath after it's over , and make memories to last their whole lives.
What a blessing.

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