Friday, July 2, 2010

cute babies

Yzma and her daughter, Shima, lounged in the pasture today. The humidity was low and the sun was bright and the two female alpacas enjoyed the temporary break in the heat wave we've experienced during June 2010.
My summer helpers spent some time halter training Rudolph and Ralphie. Both young alpaca males are already very good on lead and easily handled.
I try to make certain that any future "saleable" alpacas or llamas are easy to work with -- for myself and the possible new owners.
Rudolph would be a great public relations boy and so would Ralphie. They are good with people and have pleasant personalities.
It's a joy to help prepare these animals for their new owners. If you're looking for some nifty alpacas as "pets" -- Ralphie and Rudolph are right up your alley.

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