Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shearing 2010 is history

It's done. Shearing days 2010 whizzed past like a blur. Over 150 llamas and alpacas got their summer haircuts -- with no small help from friends.
I especially want to single out the members of the Artisan Guild of Southern Illinois (http://www.artisansil.org/)
They spent days at the farm -- through sun and rain -- filling syringes, clipping toenails, bagging fleece, catching and haltering animals, bringing food. They were so awesome.
Thanks, too, to Dr. Liz Vollmer of Waterloo Animal Hospital. She arrived early on the first day to help with a birthing emergency (only the 3rd time in 25 years that I've had to have a vet assist in birthing). We lost the cria, but she saved the mama, for which I am very grateful.
And then there was Peppy -- the deep red Canadian female alpaca -- who casually walked up to the barn on day 3 (during the round up of scragglers) with a beautiful female baby at side. Wow. I named the baby Dorothy -- after my aunt who passed away on Sunday. She's a looker-- and so healthy.
Once again I had folks take advantage of the "get 4 years worth of experience in 4 days" by helping corral all of the animals. They are completely prepared to be new llama or alpaca owners now. Steve rocked as a "learning on the job" guy; Beverly was a rock, passing the dewormer and making sure the bags were properly marked; Tim and Eunice were Tim and Eunice (nothing better than that, folks); my daughter, Katey, took off of work 3 of the days just to "set up" the lunch. Wow. She was helped by Margaret two of the days. Patty was an extra pair of hands wherever she was needed for four solid days. THAT'S a friend.
Amanda was the fleece sales expert -- all wonderful.
A special thank you to Bruce and Tammy for making shearing days a "no drama zone" and helping things run smoothly.
See you all next year!

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