Sunday, May 2, 2010

East meets West

Such a surprise today.

Came home from visiting my daughter and there were some folks at the farm. They were getting "the grand tour" from Denise -- an alpaca/llama owner who has some animals pastured here.

Meet Jessie and Yida -- both orginally from China. They found me on the internet -- and took a CAB to the farm from St. Louis.

Yida is a student at St. Louis University. Jessie attends college in Vancouver, British Columbia.

They told me that alpacas are "big" in China. Mind you, there ARE no alpacas in China -- but people seem to be fascinated by alpacas. Wow. Who knew?

They are two bright young people who simply decided that they would come to an alpaca farm on a sunny Sunday in May. I gave them a ride back to the MetroLink station -- and they are welcome to visit again.

They posed for a photo with Statler before they headed back west to St. Louis.

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