Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Llama grieving

My big, beautiful llama girl, Samantha gave birth yesterday while I was in Bloomington, IL.
I bought her at a sale --as a guardian -- and was told she was due last fall. I had no idea she was due now.
I came home and went to the barn to feed -- and there was the cria, still wrapped within the placenta. Beautiful, black and white little girl. Awesome markings.
At first I didn't know who the mama might be. I have over 45 female llamas in that herd. I knew it was a llama and not an alpaca -- simply by the size.
Shortly after I started to examine the cria -- in comes Samantha -- full of mournful humming and concern. She repeatedly sniffed the baby -- and "cried by humming" and went in and out of the barn --trying to encourage her baby to follow.
There is little in the world more sorrowful than when a mama loses her baby. Llamas do not take this lightly -- and often need to grieve for several days by sniffing and nudging their baby. Later today I will bury the little girl. But her mama will never forget her.Add Image

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