Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spinning and smiling

Today we hosted a spinning class at the farm. It was so wonderful to have so many wonderful women gathered to learn the ancient art of turning fiber into yarn.
Tammy Duensing is an awesome teacher and she does such a fabulous job of helping people -- no matter where they might be in their attempts to spin.

Diane, Ruth, Margaret, Amanda, Sissyand I laughed, ate delicious food and swapped stories while we journeyed together, with Tammy, into the "spinning world."
Then it was a quick visit into the muddy pastures to to feed some carrots to the llamas and alpacas. That darling little "Dusk" -- an alpaca girl who has been quiet, but standoffish until now -- stood and let each of us scratch her neck, her ears. She was soooo cool. What a lovely ending to a great day.
Thanks to all who made the class such fun, especially Tammy D.

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