Saturday, January 23, 2010

New helper on the block

The "new girl" learned the ropes today. We met Emma (age 9) at the St. Nicholas Parade. She was part of the Girl Scout Troop that assisted us with walking the llamas and alpacas.

She walked Hanse, a tall, white gelded alpaca.

Today she came to the farm, boots and all, and helped feed hay and grain; halter/lead train a couple of critters; add fresh bedding to the paddocks; help set up a new paddock for a couple of alpacas; and went home with the "hay head" to prove it!

Our experienced helper, 'Becca, shared inside tips and other great ideas with Emma to let her know "how we do things" here at the farm.

I have been very blessed over the years to have a number of young people volunteer at the farm. Started with DJ & Kyle -- cool boys from up the street; then it was Natalie -- who is now a senior in high school; then Rebecca -- who is still helping out; and now Emma.

I reconnected with one of the "followers" -- only joking -- from clowing days -- Amanda. She's a grown up now and she has learned to drive the tractor (cutting the pasture -- so awesome); operate the Bobcat (big deal stuff, here); and do everything else -- including total farm care while we were having fun at Disney World.
SO -- the committee of wonderful, stupendous, awesome young people has now swelled to SIX! Whoo hoo!

And I wouldn't want to forget Andrew -- my grandson (age 3). He was a "regular" for awhile.

Gooooooooo helpers! We couldn't run this farm without you.

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