Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random acts of kindness

Our daughter, Coreen, has been challenged most of her life. She has epilepsy and a myriad of other issues.
She has beautiful eyes, great hair and flawless skin.

She has caused me enormous pain -- and made me laugh until I can't breathe.

She is very, very sick with pneumonia, sepsis, cellulitis and a UTI infection. She's been in the hospital a week tomorrow.

She didn't go to prom when she was in high school -- so she's never really ever gotten flowers. She did have a corsage at her siblings' weddings. But just straight out -- sending flowers to Coreen hasn't happened.

Her aunt and uncle -- from the Wier side and the Kennett side -- sent her flowers while she's been hospitalized. It means alot to me -- and I'm sure that Coreen knows those flowers are for her. How kind.

We need more random acts of kindness like that in the world.

Got a note that 3 llamas in Indiana need new homes ASAP. Have some dear friends who are heading to Indiana next week to pick up a cart (gonna teach their animals to pull a cart). They volunteered to pick up these llamas.
Another random act of kindness -- out of nowhere. Awesome.

I'm feeling beaten down (which, I may add is rare for me). These two acts have given me hope in the human race.

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