Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Breakout

Yesterday started out okay -- but ended up in the "not so much" category.

I had a wonderful crew of volunteers come to the farm on Tuesday. The list of things we accomplished included:

1. Shearing 3 animals.

2. Drawing blood for DNA card on one.

3. Cleaning the girls' side of the barn.

4. Feeding hay/grain.

5. Skirting 2 fleeces.

6. Halter training some of the babies.

7. Putting to rest a young male that I lost that day.

8. Treating 3 animals with eye pokes (possible infections?).

9. Deworming several animals.

10. Catching/haltering a variety of animals.

11. Examining fleece/roving and such.
12. Doing an internet search for registry info.

So you can see we were swamped. The bad news? One of us left a green corral panel open and yesterday my boys spent the day fighting/spitting/screeching inside the barn -- with a half dozen males breaking into the "girl herd" and "having their way" with my open females.

My granddaughter was "Keeper for a Day" at the St. Louis Zoo yesterday. I got up at 6:30 to take her over to the zoo -- went to work on getting my mother's house ready for sale (50 miles in the opposite direction) - then back to the zoo to pick her up. My two little granddaughters came over and then all four of us headed to the barn (at 4:30) to feed hay and grain.

It was quite the shock to see the boys running around chasing three females inside the area between the stalls. It actually made my stomach drop.

So -- one year from yesterday (counting back two weeks) -- we'll see if any babies result. Whatcha' gonna do?

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