Monday, November 15, 2010

Mama's birthday

We celebrated my mama's 89th birthday yesterday. HER mama was 101 1/2 when she passed away -- and had never been a patient in a hospital! Six kids all born at home -- no broken bones -- healthy as can be. I like to think that I got my chutpah (Yiddish word for guts/boldness/sassiness) from her. She was my godmother and always present in my life. Grandma's are like that.
Mom's baby sister, my aunt Lilly, was here with her husband, Uncle Ish and daughter Barbie. All of my siblings and their families came and the food was endless.
The "cousins" played together and all had such a great time. Jack Dean (the up and coming deejay at 21 months) did the: hot foot, pump it up, the sprinkler, lasso, fist pump, explosion -- oodles of dance moves. He's a mini-riot.
The kids ran around and played with toys and had a blast. They got to be kids and make up their own fun.
It was a great celebration. I am blessed to still have my mom.

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