Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kindergarten farm visit

The kindergartners from Albers Elementary came to the farm on Tuesday. They came at lunch time -- with brown bags in hand -- and learned about llamas and alpacas while munching on pb & js and chips. They watched as Hannah plied yarn with her spinning wheel, and Christie and Michelle showed them Minnie, the llama, and Navajo, the alpaca.

Then it was time to trek out to the pasture to feed carrots to interested critters. Dusk and Sanya, two alpacas, cooperated by kushing -- tucking their feet up under them -- and letting kindergartners sit next to them and pet them. It was adorable.

Next it was a Native American Drum Circle -- led by my brother, Patrick. All the kids rattled percussion items and got a chance to beat the "big gathering drum" -- the heatbeat of Mother Earth. It was great.

Then the class stood in front of the tipi for a group photo. It was a really, really good farm visit for them -- and for me, too!

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