Monday, November 8, 2010

Grandmother's comfort

Okay. I've decided to call my little hat-making enterprise "Grandmother's comfort." I've made a hat for each of my grandkids (except Alex, I think -- he's 13 and way too cool for that). Some of them have already outgrown the first hat -- and are ready for the next one (Bella).
But all have been delighted by the warmth and "specialness" of the hat that grammy made for them.
My friend, Loyce, gifted me with a wonderful drawing of a Native American grandmother singing to her grandchild. It's beautiful. It is entitled, "Grandmother's comfort" -- and thus the name is borrowed for my soft, warm fuzzy alpaca hats -- and soon-t0-be scarves, I hope.
It is no small thing, the power of these hats -- and the power of a grandmother's comfort.

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