Sunday, April 25, 2010

The definition of cute -- and boys will be helpers

Okay. I HAD to show off my Eagle Eye, little alpaca female.
She is the very definition of cute. That face is to die for, isn't it? She is sweet as pie and such a darling. Alas, I will be selling her this spring to some lucky folks. Interested?

And I'm also showing off two of my sons, who helped move Mighty Impressive (llama boy) and Rocket (one-eyed alpaca gelding) to a new pasture. Ben is the one with the red scoop -- enticing Rocket to move along.

Dominic was in from Nashville, TN doing some local "gigs" (yes, he's a musician) and he stopped in to help -- much to his surprise.

He mentioned that "you can't come to the farm without getting dirty, can you?" He was right. His shoes and jeans had issues after helping out for a few minutes.

It was nice to see him and get some muscle to help out.

Good times at the farm.

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