Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Amanda, the Magnificent

Amanda is the sort of llama that comes along once in a lifetime. Perhaps that's why she was just awarded a "lifetime achievement" award by the International Lama Registry in Kalispell, MT.
She has been to dozens of public events -- and has rocked the house at each and every one of them.
The photos tell part of the story: Amanda at Webster School in Collinsville at the "kiss a llama" event; Amanda with Jessica when she got her senior pictures taken; Amanda with Ben at the Walk a thon for the National Alliance on Mental Illness; Amanda with Nora and Ellen, co-chairs of the Missouri Botanical Gardens Best of Missouri Market.
The girl doesn't take a bad photo, does she? She is 20 years old -- and still going strong. She has brought so very much joy into the lives of those she meets -- and into my life as well.
Our son Ben always says, "Amanda is my favorite llama."
She's EVERYONE's favorite, Ben.

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