Friday, April 23, 2010

After glow of NYC

Still feeling it. The afterglow of a wonderful trip to New York City. It was a storybook fun two days. Back to reality is a harsh place to be, isn't it?

That being said -- my animals have been happy to see me.

Pulled into the driveway from the airport and there was someone waiting -- to buy my Hayrite Hay Elevator. Trekked up to the attic of the garage and showed it off. She's a beauty, that hay elevator. She's sold. They're coming to get her tomorrow.

Someone coming today to buy my big round bale feeder for horses. Bought it for llamas and they really don't eat that way -- standing around in a circle. They like to eat kushed on the ground -- next to each other. Mostly munching away the day.

I'm bumming about the thistles in my pastures. Anyone have any surefire ideas that don't require crazy hard work?

I guess two days of doing nothing made me realize how much WORK there is at a farm -- every single day.

So -- all is good at the farm. Miss you New York.

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