Friday, November 20, 2009

New alpaca arrives

Seems that I drive to Bloomington each and every week now. One week it was to pick up some llamas. Next week it was to pick up two "rescue" llamas. This week it was to visit a lovely alpaca farm, Stars and Stripes Alpacas.

The Nichols' were very accommodating and their animals are stunners. Tammy and I "browsed" in their herd to observe what they had for sale. Some wonderful mamas and babies, some beautiful females. We weren't looking for males.

We mulled it over during a lunch break -- and then drove back and came home with an alpaca each.

She got Sara -- what a wonderful show girl. Bay black with great lines.

I got Chloe, Sara's mama. She looks a lot like my Eileen -- mottled black and grey. She is due in June. Can't wait to see the results of her breeding to Irish Meadows MacGraw.

Hold on to your hat for this show boy or girl to hit the ground.

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