Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mouse Hunting with brave Brianna

One of the joys of having llamas and alpacas is introducing our little grandchildren to the wonders of animal husbandry.
They help "feed" the animals -- giving them grain and carrots. They put arms around their necks and walk them on lead. It's all good.
Brianna came over last week. She paused long enough from her barn adventures to sit with Clover, a gorgeous little alpaca girl.
She also fed the ducks (we have two) and Rocky the rooster. When she opened the tin containing the cracked corn, she very nonchalantly said, "Oh Grammy, look. There's a mouse in there."
Well, folks, my only fear in life is a mouse. They leap unexpectedly and I can't even dispose of one that has passed on when we "capture" them in our old 105-year-old farmhouse.
I squeal like a preschooler and would stand up on a chair if one were available.
Not Brianna. She reached right into the container and took out the scoop -- much to my horror.
"STAND BACK" I told her. "Grammy will tilt the can and hopefully the mouse will jump out."
And that's exactly what happened. It scurried under the feeder -- and then over to the straw bales. Wow -- that was close!
I hope to grow up to be as brave as Brianna.

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