Saturday, November 7, 2009

Beautiful day

The temperatures were awesome today. Glorious sunshine and a gentle breeze. After the week-long rains, this was a pleasant departure.

Zydeco came back home to live. So did Eileen. I sold them to another farm several years ago. Well -- life happens -- and I bought them back.

That's Zydeco at right -- and she is a lovely girl, isn't she?

Had a darling high schooler get her senior pictures taken at the farm today. She posed on the tractor, by straw bales, under the weeping willow tree.

But her favorite poses were with the llamas and alpacas. I'm sure her photographer got some awesome shots. Can't wait to see them. Guess we're a destination for lots of different reasons.


  1. Julie I got some AMAZING photos on your farm today and had one of the best days I have had in a long time! You taught me so much! I will get pictures posted by tomorrow evening.

  2. Hey, Connie --Thanks for being so flexible. Farm life is unpredictable -- as are animals -- but it was all good. You have a marvelous "eye" for beauty in photos. Jessie's pix will be "the bomb." Can't wait to see them.