Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My alpaca boys at the STL Zoo

Okay. Doc Freeman and Doc Andrus at the STL Zoo are rock stars.
Today they were splashed all over the local media when actor Kevin James (King of Queens fame) debuted his newest film, "The Zookeeper" at the St. Louis Zoo.
That's Jan (one of the real keepers) with Doc Freeman -- and Doc Andrus is the sweet alpaca boy on the right.
It has been such a joy to see how much fun the zoo has had with the two alpacas they purchased from my farm. They often take them for walks throughout the zoo, trek through the snowfall in the winter, and generally highlight the joy of alpacas.
I even saw the alpacas on the local newscast tonight!
It was a great thing for our farm to sell two such wonderful alpacas to the St. Louis Zoo. The boys have enjoyed such happy lives -- and the general public has seen how wonderful these animals can be.
The whole event made me smile today.
Gooooooo Andrus! Gooooooo Freeman!

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  1. It is a kick for me too, to see a boy born on my farm (Dove Point's Candi's Force of Nature-now Doc Freeman) as an attraction at the zoo! Little did I know when he was born here that he would become such a star.