Thursday, March 17, 2011

Students visit the farm

Yesterday was the first official "school farm tour" of 2011. Students from Belleville East High School came to the farm to learn about jobs that are available in "agri-business." They also came to feed carrots to the llamas and alpacas and to meet our son, Ben.

Ben was home from his day program to share his love of the farm, and his knowledge of the hard work involved in living on a farm.

These students are in a program for kids with developmental disabilities at the high school, and they are looking ahead to graduation -- and life skills that will help them have productive and happy lives.

It was our privilege to talk to them about the harvesting of the fleece, shearing the animals, feeding and caring for them.

The students also watched Hannah spin raw fleece into yarn -- and constructed Native American Walking sticks with beadwork and feathers and alpaca/llama fleece.

Mrs. Lewis's class was made up of inquisitive students who asked wonderful questions about the animals.

At the end of their visit, they gathered for a photo in front of our Native American tipi and even went out to the barn to meet the "boy herd" that likes to hang out near the hay feeders.

We certainly enjoyed the farm visit and the students are welcome to come back any time!

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