Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What goes around . . .

We've all heard it: What goes around comes around.
This is my motivation for helping the Montana Rescue llamas.
Back in 1983 -- when we got our first llama -- we were a young family with 6 kids. They were 10, 8, 7, 5, 3 and one year old. We lived on this farm, which had not yet been "beautified."
We milked goats, ate whole foods, climbed trees, played from sun-up to sundown.
Then I got sick -- was diagnosed with cancer on May 22, 1983 and was told that I had six months to live. It was sad.
The llamas left while I received treatment and I tried to survive that awful summer. I threw up just about everywhere -- from the chemo. Behind trees, out of the window of my car, you name it - I threw up there.
My beautiful, long brown hair became a memory. I threw that broken, dull, crippled hair out of the window of the car, too -- and yelled, "Birds of the air, use it well! Recycle it into nests!"
And the whole while I was being treated for cancer -- I missed the llamas. As soon as the "all clear" was sounded and I was in remission -- I told my husband, "If I get better, the only thing I want is a llama."
And, as they say, the rest is history. I now have 40 plus llamas and 50 plus alpacas.
So when the call went out for temporary havens for the Montana Rescues -- I stepped up to the plate.
The llamas helped me get better. They still do. They make me a better person. They make me get out of bed in the morning and smile at the new day -- no matter what sort of crud has occurred the day before.
They love me unconditionally. They COME when I call them from 33 acres away -- yes, the whole herd runs to the barn when they hear, "Llllaaaaaaaammas! Alpaaaaaaacas! Come on DOWN!" It's YouTube worthy.
So really, I want to thank the Montana llamas for helping me to repay a debt to other llamas.
They will go to their new homes -- but they will have left me -- and I mean ME personally, healthy and happy once again. Thank you.


  1. That's just great, Julie. Llamas and alpacas help me through hard times too - our son has hard to control epilepsy and delays and life is hard, but just being among them is soothing.

  2. Thanks for that background.I am glad you can help these creatures. I look forward to when SWLR tells me to come check out my possibility of one rescue
    Barb Troje